Youth On A Mission

The Denney House aims to empower people to use their talents to give back to the community through a number of activities.

Our Youth On A Mission program provides our youth with a wide range of opportunities throughout the area to engage and serve the community. They volunteer at community events, senior living facilities, and shelters in our community. The Denney House, Inc. leads youth mission trips to underserved communities engaging in restoration projects for community schools and disabled homeowners. Prepared and packaged with love and care by our youth, care packages are delivered to those in need.

The Denney House also seeks to increase youth knowledge and awareness on the health of the environment, as well as the things negatively impacting it. The Environmental Protection Program "Project Clean Water" was established to provide our youth with environmental education and hands on experience that empowers them to positively affect change in the environment. We are partners with Prince George’s County DBW&T Adopt-A-Road Team to provide litter cleanup on Temple Hill Road, and other streets in our community. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation provide youth with hands on educational experiences, sailing, fishing, and canoeing trips...all led by CBF’s renowned education staff. We are currently developing a Community Rain Garden initiative, stay connected with us for more information.

The Denney House in the Community